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'I have my life back and I feel my family have me back as well!! Strong words but as a person whose problems were deep rooted and certainly life debilitating they are genuine, having sought conventional medical solutions for nearly four years with no success... from the first treatment session I felt better. Barbara has treated me for several complaints and has managed to treat every one with absolute success and totally transformed me and given me my life back.

Michael Mitchel. Santa Ponsa. Mallorca

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About Barbara

Barbara Grimwade is the stress expert. She is founder of the Vibrant Life System, author and sought after speaker.

She is passionate about helping women overcome their stress which is at the root of their symptoms. She is especially successful where nothing else has worked, helping them achieve the results that they want faster than ever before.

Barbara’s unique Vibrant Life System enables women to recognise what may be causing their symptoms, identifies areas of stress in their life and leads them to overcoming it, thus releasing their symptoms to achieve vibrant health.

Barbara helps women who are juggling a busy life who want to move beyond their stress and its related symptoms so they can relax, sleep well and enjoy their life- physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Barbara worked in science research for many years as a molecular biologist at Leicester, Yale and Bristol Universities. During this time she suffered with her own health problems - chronic Candida, back pain and recurrent migraines. Having sought conventional treatment which only made her symptoms worse, she desperately started to seek an answer elsewhere

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Her health challenges prompted a five-year search of complementary medicine. As a scientist she was initially utterly sceptical, but personal experience convinced her of the effectiveness of Kinesiology as this was the only therapy to totally transform her health.

It rapidly addressed the underlying reasons that were causing her adrenal stress - a lack of fulfilment in her work. Within a few sessions her symptoms had gone and she had been awakened to a new path in her life and she gave up science to study several different branches of advanced Kinesiology.

Over the years she added a variety of tools to her ‘toolbox’ - Nutrition, Homeopathy, Flower remedies, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Pranic Healing, Phytotherapy and reflexology.

She is also an Advanced Practitioner in Neurological Repatterning, Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, and Results Coaching.

Her particular interest is in the mind- body link and how our symptoms are our body's way of trying to communicate to us that something is out of balance in our life. Her work is my passion and her aim is to help and inspire as many people as she can.  

The aim of Dynamic Healing is to provide an integrated health care system, which also educates people about health so that they can help prevent their own illnesses and enhance their own natural healing; enabling them to live the life they want.

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