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"With you leading me through some simple but incredibly empowering visualisation techniques I manifested a phone call from a potential employer within minutes of the time I had visualised it happening....

I was ecstatic - not only because I was now going for an amazing job interview, but because I had just been given firm PROOF of my own personal power to manifest my dreams in a very practical way... "

Nicola Holden, San Agustin. Mallorca                                              

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We grow up believing certain things about ourselves and our world which can limit us in our daily lives. The use of positive affirmations is a technique to change that negative self-talk into something much more positive. By changing our thoughts we release the associated feelings.

Every thought we have creates our experience because

thoughts produce feelings that we buy into.

If you donít believe this, imagine the scenario that you have just misplaced your credit card. In a panic you keep telling yourself that you canít find the card. This affirmation, coupled with the emotion, causes your brain to believe the statement and delete the location of the card from your memory.

If you can change the emotion and affirmation i.e: relax and tell yourself that you can find the card, you will usually find it in a very short time.

As most of us have spent many years on the negative image, results are not always instantaneous although they often can be. It can be very difficult to change negative self talk if this is part of your personality, part of who you are. However by testing the body to find the best affirmation and its support- a flower or homeopathic remedy or tapping specific reflex points on the body, results can happen very quickly.

Dynamic Healing uses affirmations in combination with Energy Psychology and NLP which make them incredibly powerful, much more so than the use of affirmations alone.




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