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"I can’t thank you enough for all your kindness and expertise, especially those times you drove me across the (Dartford) Bridge when working on my phobias. My life has changed dramatically since having treatment with you. From being unable to travel on public transport of any kind or even cross a bridge my phobias have finally been released. The icing on the cake has been that I flew for the first time to Italy and two years ago I finally made it to Australia- something I could have never have done without your help and commitment!"

Colin H. Eastwood. UK       

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Case Studies

Colin’s triumph over multiple phobias

Colin was in his early 60’s when he first came to see me. He was suffering from multiple phobias, which, although they originated early in childhood, did not manifest until he was in his late 30’s.

They originated when he was a young boy and his parents split up. The last time he saw his mother was when he was waving goodbye to her from a platform in a train station. He experienced his first panic attack at the age of nine when he was travelling on the London Underground but hadn’t had any recurrence of the panic attacks until he was in his late thirties.

He had tried many different routes to wellness (hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, acupuncture and counselling) to little avail, and came to me in desperation, as he wanted to regain control over his life.

After initially having a panic attack on a ferry, the fear spread to other forms of transport and situations. These included a fear of travelling by coach, boat, train and a fear of flying. In addition, Colin had an intense fear of travelling over bridges, crowded places and heights, with a general feeling of not being in control. He felt he was unable to live life to the full, being unable to travel to many places, and he felt living with the constant fear of having another panic attack reduced his quality of life. This obviously limited his life immensely and he was worried that if he could not overcome these fears, he would develop more, and therefore his quality of life would decrease even further.

Colin’s adrenal meridian was over energised. There was a lot of energy in that meridian meaning that his adrenal glands were always primed for the ‘fight or flight’ reaction.

I gently resolved the underlying causes using Kinesiology, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Energy Psychology, neutralising any negative emotions associated with either the original event or the phobias. I also gave Colin some homeopathic and flower remedies to support him through the change in his emotions, which allowed a swift transition with minimal psychological pain.

I also gave Colin self-help techniques to practice at home, which he used if he thought he was beginning to panic. These quelled any anxiety before it got out of control and he has not suffered a panic attack since.

I addressed Colin’s phobias one at a time, rather like peeling the layers off an onion. As his stressed adrenal glands came back into balance Colin felt a lot calmer and rapidly improved.

Initially he had an intense fear of travelling over the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge at Dartford, but gradually as his fears were released he could be driven over as a passenger. The first time he had to keep his eyes closed, but by using some of the self-help techniques I’d taught him, he was able to keep his anxiety at a manageable level. Since that initial time Colin has travelled over the bridge with increasing confidence and no longer needs the anti-panic techniques to do so. He is quite happy to sit back and enjoy the view.

At the same time as conquering the bridge phobia Colin started to travel by train. Initially he could only travel for a couple of stations on the main line, but was rapidly able to travel up to London, and have the confidence to ride on the Underground by himself.

Soon after this he was able to enjoy a 12-hour coach trip to Scotland for a well-deserved holiday with his wife. During our next session he revealed to me that, while on holiday he had gone out on a speedboat ride and they had become stuck on some sands for 40mins. While relating this story he was laughing at himself, and didn’t realise until I pointed it out to him. A few weeks earlier he would have been thrown into a major panic. Since then Colin went onto enjoying concerts and plays in crowded theatres without problems.

Finally Colin had the confidence to fly to Italy realising a lifelong ambition to see Rome and visit relatives there. Although he felt a little nervous beforehand, once on the plane, he managed to quite enjoy the experience. Since that time in 2001 Colin has flown several times including taking a trip to Australia.



Recovery from Chronic Fatigue

Suzanne came to me on crutches supported by her husband as she could hardly walk, she was incapacitated by fatigue. She was suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a severe state of adrenal exhaustion. During our session together she explained that she had previously been one of those people who could never relax having lived on ‘super energy’ most of her life which she used to the full. However several years down the line she was in a state of extreme exhaustion which brought her to me.

It was immediately apparent that Suzanne was in a state of chronic adrenal exhaustion. She could hardly get out of bed in the morning and every movement was an effort. She had trouble remembering things clearly and was quite depressed about her whole situation as she had been like this for several years and nothing had helped.

Suzanne had many imbalances in her meridian system, but the overriding factor was that her adrenal glands were weak. They had been ‘supercharged’ for so many years that they were now in the state where they couldn’t muster up any energy even when Suzanne needed it. They were incapable of responding in the normal way.

By identifying the underlying causes which were deeply emotional in nature and rebalancing Suzanne’s adrenal glands using homeopathic remedies, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and flower remedies, she quickly began to feel a ‘shift’ in her condition. By the end of the first treatment she could already feel the change.

The second time Suzanne arrived she was without the aid of crutches but had been driven by her husband. The third time she arrived without her husband having driven herself, something that she had been unable to do for over a year.

It took several more treatments to help her return to full recovery because, as she regained her energy, she was tempted to slip into her old patterns of trying to do too much. Through NLP she ‘learnt’ that it is OK not to have to be ‘doing’ all the time and that it was OK to look after herself. As she did so she went from strength to strength, completing an Open University Degree as well as several other projects that she had wanted to do but had been unable to do for many years.



Stress-free weight loss

Sharon was 15 kilos overweight when she came for a consultation. She had been doing everything ‘by the book’, exercising 6 days a week and eating only a very few calories per day but she still remained overweight as she had been since a young girl.

Upon investigation I found that Sharon’s adrenals were working in overdrive, caused by a belief that she had to do everything right and achieve, which stemmed from when she was young and wanted to please her father who was a perfectionist. Although her father had died several years previously Sharon still held on to that belief that unless she achieved she wasn’t good enough.

The weight gain was exacerbated by her desperate attempts to try and lose it. Sharon was exercising 6 days a week in the gym but had a membership that meant she could go to all the classes she wanted to, and she was. She attended three classes of aerobics, spinning and weights and then spent a further half hour on the treadmill afterwards, six days a week!

I used Neuro-linguistic Programming to help her feel comfortable about not dieting and exercising so much as she believed that she would put on more weight if she ate more and exercised less. She needed to stop all the intensive exercise and do some more gentle ones for fewer days a week as the intensity of the exercises she was doing was creating more of the stress hormone cortisol in her body.

I also encouraged her to stop dieting and eat more as she was eating only 500 calories a day which had sent her body into survival mode and which was also causing her stress hormones to soar, encouraging fat deposition around her waist and a wasting of her muscles.

With these simple changes and by addressing her underlying belief that she wasn’t good enough, Sharon lost those 15 kilos easily and almost effortlessly over a period of 14 weeks and has kept the weight off ever since. She also looks a lot more toned and fit than ever before.



Freedom from fear gives a new lease of life

Sandra came to see me suffering from anxiety and panic attacks and was feeling generally unwell and sluggish. Despite this she couldn’t relax, needing to keep busy in case ‘something bad happened’.

She kept having repeated thoughts about going into somewhere and being unable to get out. This had grown from a time when she experienced her first panic attack on a coach trip to London when the coach was unexpectedly diverted through a tunnel. Sandra had felt trapped as she couldn’t see a way to get out. Since then, this feeling had extended to anywhere enclosed, such as theatres, trains, planes and crowded stores.

The source of the problem was revealed using Emotional Freedom Technique in conjunction with Kinesiology. It originated at a time when Sandra had been involved in a car accident at the age of seventeen. She had refused to wear a seat belt, although her boyfriend at the time insisted she do so. Although no one was hurt in the accident Sandra was still carrying feelings of guilt in her body and deep down, felt responsible for the accident. I gradually released these hidden feelings of guilt using Neuro Linguistic Programming, homeopathy, flower remedies, counselling and affirmation work.

Sandra also had low blood sugar problems, which were caused by her eating lots of sugary foods to comfort these guilty feelings. However, instead of helping her, this only exacerbated the problem making her feel low in general. It had upset the delicate balance of her adrenal glands which were having to work hard to regulate the sugar in her blood, and this extra load had made them much more sensitive to any emotional stress she encountered, creating a vicious circle. I recommended she follow a nutritional plan, which included some supplements, and gave her acupressure to balance her system. The following week she was feeling much more relaxed and was beginning to take time for herself without feeling guilty. Sandra’s ‘fear of fear’ was still an issue and it took another few sessions to resolve these feelings.

Today Sandra is much happier and is able to cope with her life. She realises that she is responsible for her own health and now watches what she eats, without being obsessive about it. Emotional Freedom Technique helped her to release any association of eating in excess to feeling secure, and she rarely gets the same cravings for sugary food. When she does eat sugar, she does so in moderation and has no urge to binge eat anymore. She feels that removing sugar from her diet and balancing her blood sugar was a major step to her having more energy and feeling less stressed in general. Sandra now feels that she has her ‘life back’ again and has returned to feeling how she used to feel before the panic attacks started.



From a bundle of nerves to a bundle of joy

Karen was suffering from adrenal stress when she first came to see me although she was happily married and in a secure job, which she loved. She wasn’t really sure of the reasons why she was so stressed, but her symptoms included palpitations, breathlessness, headaches, insomnia and a general feeling of being out of control. She also had a recurrent neck problem and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

When I checked her body it was apparent that, although consciously Karen wanted to deal with any emotions that might surface, deep down she didn’t want to. I gently worked to allow her subconscious to feel comfortable about that. After that first session Karen’s IBS, breathlessness and palpitations had all disappeared as these symptoms were closely linked to her feelings. I then focused on some her other issues.

Karen had a general feeling of anxiety that she was running out of time. The underlying source of her problem became apparent by delving a little deeper. She had tried unsuccessfully for many years to get pregnant, and she and her partner had resolved that they would be content as they were.

Subconsciously she was thinking at 40, her childbearing days were over, and her chance of having a family lost altogether. Karen had not realised that she was carrying so much of an emotional charge around the situation, and had honestly thought she had dealt with it, before these methods looked more deeply. I gently helped Karen release any negativity around this.

During the process several other issues surfaced, one being the fact that she had had a pregnancy terminated as an attempt to try and save a previous marriage. She had held massive amounts of guilt over this, but as we worked through the layers she began to feel more relaxed and was able to forgive both her ex-husband and herself. This took three sessions.

As Karen’s energy rose she felt increasingly better about herself and her existing relationship and I didn’t see her for several months. When I next heard from her it was to see if I could do anything for her morning sickness!

Karen gave birth to a healthy baby girl in March 2002.



Why Rosemary couldn’t stomach her past

Rosemary came to see me suffering from chronic stomach pains, especially an acute burning between her navel and breastbone whenever she ate a meal. She’d had many hospital tests that had showed nothing, and she had also tried taking proprietary over the counter medicines, but nothing had relieved her pain.

Rosemary was also suffering from a lot of stress about her daughter, and her friend had died only two weeks previously. She was also still carrying a lot of emotion (mainly anger) surrounding her break-up with her long-term boyfriend two years earlier.

The first thing I noticed when testing her was that Rosemary was deficient in stomach acid, which meant that she was not digesting her food properly, and was consequently suffering from chronic indigestion and its intense pain after most meals. This was linked very closely to her emotions and the fact that she felt that she couldn’t have a new relationship, even though she dearly wanted one. This was because she still felt so strongly about her ex-boyfriend. She had met a man with whom she was a friend, but she was afraid of getting any closer to him because of these feelings. I gave her a flower remedy for this and for her fear of not being who she wanted to be.

Rosemary also had a couple of food sensitivities and I found she was intolerant to red pepper and strawberries. She also needed zinc and tablets to help her produce stomach acid.

Interestingly Rosemary did not buy the tablets to restore her stomach acid immediately, but took the zinc and flower remedies. Five days later I received an ecstatic phone call from her asking me what was in the drops (flower remedies), as her stomach pains had not troubled her for four days. In addition she had masses of energy, had resolved many of her emotions about her ex-boyfriend and was going out to dinner with her man friend that night. She has not been troubled with her stomach pains since and her new relationship is flourishing.

I would like to point out here that sometimes we carry tensions in our bodies in such a way that the main symptom is a physical one. Sometimes relieving the emotional problem alone can have widespread physical results.



Fast relief from fast food

Jake was ten years old when I first saw him. He was suffering from stomach pains and constipation, and eating too much or too little led to him having bad headaches and feeling very bloated. He could partially relieve his headaches by lying down with a cool flannel over his head, but the bloating was far too frequent for his comfort.

Jake’s diet was terrible. He only ate convenience, highly processed foods and would eat sweets and chocolates until he was virtually sick. He rarely ate fruit or vegetables.

He was also sensitive to many of the foods he gorged himself on and also had hypoglycaemia, caused by excessive and frequent consumption of sugars. This had lead to his body repeatedly producing insulin to lower the high sugar in his blood, leading to a slump in sugar (thus energy), which then produced a further craving for sweet foods in a vicious cycle. Interestingly the corresponding emotion was over-enthusiasm and this was reflected in all areas of his life.

Jake needed some nutritional supplements to help balance his blood sugar. I also advised a drastic modification of his diet to include foods that were more slowly absorbed so that the sugar was more slowly released into his system. I also gave him some flower essences to counter his over-enthusiasm.

He came back twice more for some fine-tuning of his system and for some affirmation work and flower remedies to help him control his sweet tooth, although this had improved significantly after the first session.



Removing suspect foods brings rapid relief

Thomas was thirteen when his mum first bought him to me. He was suffering from wind, felt bloated most of the time, and was very constipated. Even if he only ate a little he felt full. Emotionally he was very sensitive and he was struggling at school, especially since his father had left three years earlier.

Thomas’s diet was less than ideal as he was a typical teenager. He did however eat some fruit and vegetables in addition to all the snacks he consumed.

The first thing that became apparent was that Thomas had over active adrenal glands caused by the stress at school. This was causing his Ileo-caecal valve (ICV) to be out of balance. This is a valve between the small and large intestine that regulates the passage of food from the small to the large intestine. If the valve is too closed constipation and bloating can occur, if it is too open, diarrhoea can result.

Thomas was also sensitive to wheat to which I desensitised him as it is in so many foods and is difficult to avoid completely. I did recommend that he avoid this wherever possible as  wheat gluten can hinder efficient digestion.  I also helped Thomas’s ICV to open using some reflexology and by massaging specific points on his body to balance his digestive system.

I released Thomas's anxiety using NLP and flower remedies.

In our next session two weeks later Thomas was feeling a lot better emotionally as well as physically, although he still had issues surrounding his school performance. Again this was linked emotionally to him having little self- worth, which had unbalanced his subtle energies. Once these were balanced using acupressure, flower remedies and specific Kinesiology techniques Thomas felt a sense of relief. Since that treatment Thomas has felt much more relaxed about school, even though he is under some pressure there. His relaxed attitude has helped improve his concentration (and his digestion), and he has only been troubled by his previous stomach complaints if he eats too many of the wrong foods, but this is occurring much less frequently now that he is happier in himself.



Controlling Candida naturally

Elizabeth was severely bloated, had wind and persistent vaginal thrush when she came to see me. Other symptoms included headaches, ‘brain fog’, listlessness and symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. She ate a good whole food diet, plenty of vegetables and tried to exercise regularly, but still had no energy. She also had a history of using antibiotics for many years, some of which had been prescribed for her vaginal discharge when it did not respond to conventional thrush medication. She had also been on the pill for many years.

Elizabeth was presenting typical signs of having Candida Albicans, a yeast overgrowth, which was confirmed by testing her body for it. This was exacerbated by several foods that were inappropriate for her, which were aggravating her sensitive digestive tract. She also required several supplements to re-balance her system that had been upset by the overgrowth of Candida.

Elizabeth was also very stressed. This had put her adrenal glands (that produce adrenalin, the fight or flight hormone), on red alert and they were over energised which in turn had contributed to her having low blood sugar problems. I gave Elizabeth acupressure, homeopathic and flower remedies in addition to special stress busting exercises to practise at home.

I dealt with other contributory factors over several more sessions.  One of these was a heavy metal intolerance, which was weakening her system. Detoxification involved the use of homeopathic remedies and mineral supplements. Elizabeth had also decided to finish her long-term relationship that had been emotionally dead for years and I used several methods to support her as she made a readjustment to her life. This took a couple more sessions and Elizabeth is mostly symptom-free now but has periodic treatments to keep her body in balance.


Allergies and your emotions

At 97 kilos, Peter was bloated and puffy, suffering from water retention and lack of energy. He hadn’t always been overweight; it had developed over the last few years.

He had been following a strict diet and was exercising regularly but couldn’t shift his weight. He tested sensitive to carrots and onions. Upon further investigation his sensitivity had developed a short while after his wife died of cancer.

During her last few months Peter had regularly cooked her healthy foods. One of these was a vegetable soup that contained lots of carrot and onion that she enjoyed and could easily eat which they both had consumed the last few weeks before her death.

Very shortly after her death he began to put on weight and experience bloating despite eating a healthy diet. In an attempt to lose weight he watched what he ate. He began eating lean fish and white meat and stepped up his consumption of fresh vegetables, including carrot juice. His weight began to increase despite him eating less food than before.

During the treatment emotional link between these foods his wife’s death became apparent. Although he had consciously grieved and moved on, his unconscious was still very much holding onto the grief of the event. By shifting the way his unconscious viewed that event I was able to reverse the effect of the foods on his system.

From that point Peter was able to eat carrots and onions without problems. Without needing to change his diet further he began to lose weight. He achieved his goal weight of 85 kilos just over three months later.

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