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"I couldn’t believe how just a few sessions of Dynamic Healing completely resolved my anxieties. Thank you so much. These methods are so empowering and have helped me to help myself by giving me techniques to use at home".

Peter Winfield, Southend-on-Sea, UK          

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Energy Psychology

Energy Psychology is also known as meridian tapping and  can be likened to emotional acupuncture, but without the needles. Born out of Kinesiology, Chinese medicine and clinical psychology, it is a gentle and powerfully effective approach for resolving traumas and underlying emotions such as:

           Eliminating painful memories

            Overcoming rejection

            Panic attacks

            Life-long phobias


            Stage fright,

            Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


Our negative emotions, limiting beliefs and painful memories are associated by disturbances in our energy field, which can be produced by a physical or emotional trauma.

Trauma disturbs the body’s intricately interconnected energy circuits, that in turn sets off hormonal, physiological, neurological, chemical and cognitive affects resulting in a negative emotion. The disturbances cause energy imbalances that can be experienced as depression, fears, addictive behaviours etc.

When a disturbance occurs within a thought field, it always corresponds to energy points in the body.

Energy Psychology is a simple tappingn procedure that gently realigns the body's energy system.  It quickly disconnects physical discomfort attached to negative emotions to release performance blocks, realign desires and goals, with an ability to take action.   It is very usual for people who know 'intellectually' what they want to be doing, but are frustrated that something within them is continually preventing them from either taking action or when they do, they fall back into old ways.

Unlike traditional therapies, Energy Psychology can release these blocks in a few treatment sessions that would normally have taken years.  Energy Psychology requires no remembering and no re-living the trauma, hence it removes all blocks in a calm and relaxing way.  


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