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"The hospital discharged me after investigation for a suspected ulcer revealed nothing. I couldn’t believe that 4 months of pain melted away after just one session of Dynamic Healing".

Shirley Lundy. Southend. UK

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Food Sensitivities

Are you suffering from digestive problems or low energy? Perhaps you have intolerances or sensitivities. Many health complaints are caused or aggravated by food or other substances that are not beneficial to the body. Furthermore these can prevent the body from healing itself.

Sensitivity to certain foods or substances can interfere with energy flow in the body, which can be assessed with muscle response. Environmental and Food Sensitivity testing will reveal your specific sensitivities to chemicals, hormones, dusts pollens, moulds, house pets or common foods. The results are immediate and testing completely pain free.

There are two methods of redressing this imbalance of energy. One is to avoid the substances for which the body has tested positive for a minimum of 3 months. These can then be reintroduced at a later date in small quantities and with less frequency.

The second is to use a desensitising procedure where specific meridians in your body are stimulated or sedated, and your body is supported with nutritional or homeopathic remedies if required. The person can usually reintroduce the specific food (in moderation) after two weeks.

A sensitivity occurs when food or other substances have a general weakening or debilitating effect on the body. Many people become “sensitive” to foods they eat every day or most often. The effects of a sensitivity build up slowly over time, and the person adjusts to them. Common symptoms are chronic tiredness, anxieties, mood changes, skin complaints, headaches, bowel problems or “catching everything that is going around”.


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