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"Thank, thank you, thank you so much. What ever you did, the weight has been lifted of my shoulders and I feel so good and not bothered at all even when I think about the problems. Slept really well last night, woke up this morning and just feel really positive".'

B.R. Mallorca    

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Integrated Healing

Integrated Healing is a type of Kinesiology that views the body system like a hologram where every part is an exact representation of your whole being. All aspects of our multi- dimensional being are addressed and not viewed just as separate components.

Your body system is capable of operating many programs at the same time and many of these will be beyond your conscious awareness, being operated from deep within the unconscious levels of your mind. It is important that these are addressed on all levels, as the physical body is often the last place that the problem manifests.

Integrated Healing evolved from Kinesiology and NLP and works on a holographic level addressing those learned and inherited programs we are constantly running that are the root cause behind a pain or illness. Addressing the issue from its original source and time in this way makes Integrated Healing very effective and rapid. By working holographically every aspect from every dimension is addressed simultaneously so that past traumas can be released without having to relive them.

Some of the areas addressed are:

 Self-limiting beliefs which prevent you getting what you want in life

 Self-Sabotage - unconscious programs that dominate your conscious efforts

 Healing your Inner Child (your experiences of your past that still drive you today)

 Deep Level Switching - where part of you shuts down in response to traumatic experiences

 Clearing Amygdala (emotional) Memories

 Chakra clearing

 Cutting energetic chords in unhealthy relationships

 Clearing geopathic stress (man made or natural energies that are detrimental to your health)


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