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I started going to Barbara for treatment a couple of years ago after she saw me sweating profusely due to the menopause. Well, it worked, and after one treatment and with some help from her homeopathic remedies the hot flushes disappeared. It was great!

Jenny Knight, Palmanova, Mallorca

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Kinesiology is a non-invasive method of natural healing that identifies some of the causes of illness and rebalances your body by enhancing its natural healing ability.

It identifies the root cause of your symptoms & addresses any underlying issues that are preventing you regaining good health.

Kinesiology identifies imbalances and blockages in your body’s energy pathways, or  meridians, which link your mind, muscles and organs.

These areas of imbalance relate to stress, nutrition, environment, injuries, limiting beliefs, etc. By identifying what will help restore balance to your  body the best treatment plan for you as an individual can be devised.




Kinesiology, used as an assessment tool takes out the guesswork that can be involved in choosing remedies or employing other healing methods.

By working in depth with the body’s energies Kinesiology can help people overcome deep-seated emotional & energetic patterns, which can manifest as pain, illness, relationship problems & so on, thus restoring vibrant health & well-being

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