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"Barbara was very empathic and she gently helped me identify the things that were causing me stress in my life resulting in a very bad case of psoriasis, which I’d had for many years...

The stress control techniques Barbara taught me are really working and I feel so much more relaxed now. Even better, I actually like the way I look now for the first time in many years".

S.W, Mallorca    

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP explores the relationships between how we think (neuro), and communicate (linguistic) and how their interplay affects our patterns of behaviour and emotion (programming).

We all form our unique internal mental maps of our world as a result of the way we perceive and filter information. Our beliefs about that world and ourselves can be inaccurate, limiting or no longer useful. New possibilities are created when we change the way we react to situations. Many people have unconscious habits or behaviours that they wish to change: responding in a certain way when someone 'pushes their buttons', anger, procrastination, low self-confidence, overeating, alcohol, commitment issues, fears etc but have little idea how to do so.

Reaching your goals and achieving your dreams may seem impossible as it can be a bit like trying to navigate your way through a strange place without a map with no idea how to reach your destination. NLP helps you find alternative paths, or changes your perceptions of the landscape making it a more navigable and friendly place.


Neurological Repatterning

Neurological repatterning offers the most comprehensive cutting edge techniques to make real change in your life, whether it is career, health, happiness or relationships. It is an amalgamation of NLP, hypnotherapy techniques and quantum linguistics combined with a deep understanding of quantum physics and how our mind functions to create our reality.

You may wonder why sometimes you get the results you want and sometimes you don't. Imagine being able to understand how you are creating the results that you get in life, and even better, how to change what you are doing so that you achieve your desired outcomes.

Neurological Repatterning helps you discover why you are achieving the results you currently get and shows you how to create your desired outcomes quickly and easily by helping you develop more effective behaviours and arrive at new conclusions.

By discovering how each of our behaviours is wired into the mind, and then ‘re-wiring’ the ineffective ones, we develop new neurological pathways that cause us to experience effective results. This shift in perspective connects you with your personal power and creates new choices for yourself giving you the tools to transform your life and create the life you want.

      *   Learn how to control your emotional state

      *   Destroy limiting decisions such as “I can’t make a lot of money,” “I can’t have a great relationship” or “I’ll never              reach my ideal weight”

      *   Obliterate limiting emotions such as anger or fear

      *   Eliminate phobias and deeply rooted fears

      *    Change unwanted behaviours into effective new habits

      *   Create what you want in any situation

      *   Destroy unhelpful behaviours and habits

      *   Eliminate limiting beliefs and silence your inner critic

These techniques help you to align your life with your personal goals. They connect you with who you really are and your deepest desires for your life as you begin to clear old beliefs and behaviours and move forward towards what you want.


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