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I highly recommend Barbara’s work to anyone taking a holistic and education-based approach to total and lasting wellness. Dynamic Healing can resolve problems that western medicine cannot do as effectively, because people need to learn about their bodies and not delegate to a busy doctor and his many pills.

Tatiana Abend, Health and Wellness Coach, BodyVision SL           

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Phytotherapy is the science of using plants to address and prevent symptoms and promote health based on scientific identification of the active components of each herb and a greater understanding of the way that herbs work in the context of human physiology. It is an extension of the traditional art of herbal medicine.

Although this science helps us understand the action of herbs, the whole plant is the active ingredient with many constituents that work synergistically together.

Many pharmaceutical drugs have a long history of use as herbal medicines, e.g. opium, aspirin, digitalis, and quinine. However, pharmaceutical companies isolate the ‘active ingredient’ to magnify its actions, and to sell the medication as their unique product. By isolating some of these active ingredients some of the therapeutic benefits of the herb will be lost and safety reduced.

A phytocomplex is the combination of all of the substances present in a plant, which together are responsible for the plant's therapeutic effects. These complexes have fewer undesirable side effects than single pharmaceutical substances due to the presence of inert substances that regulate biological activity, besides the principle active components.

Because of the high number of substances present within the complex, numerous pharmacological effects occur so that various problems can be treated with only one remedy. Phytocomplexes can also be combined with synthetic medicines as supportive therapy.

Phytotherapy can be a helpful tool for prevention as its low toxicity makes it suitable for long-term medication in chronic disease, for follow-up treatment, and in the
prevention of infectious, degenerative and metabolic diseases.


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