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"I sought Barbara’s help to sort out some hormonal problems and for allergy testing as I had been experiencing itchy, flaky skin for some time. It was a very supportive environment in which I was easily able to clear issues and stress which were contributing to my symptoms by releasing life long negative thought patterns. It was a very positive experience and I would highly recommend it to others".

Lesley Philpott, Mallorca    

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Specific Kinesiology Techniques

These techniques are many and varied but all are gentle corrections for helping to rebalance the emotions or the physical body. There are too many to mention them all here but generally they release stress in the body and mind and enhance energy, clear thinking and performance.

Specific points on the head, face or body are either gently held, massaged or tapped. 

This helps to:

   Release physical tension from your body

  Promote blood and lymph flow to your organs

   Stimulate your energy flow

   Release your emotions

   Release stress

   Reverse self-sabotaging or conflicting thoughts

  Reinforce and embed affirmations

They can also be used to de-sensitise you to foods and substances to which you are sensitive when used in conjunction with other techniques and remedies.

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