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‘I was very impressed by the depth of care given by Barbara. I was astounded by what she revealed about me- so accurate every time!’

Petra K. Hullbridge. UK         

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Are you affected by Electronic fields or appliances? Do you sit at a computer much of the time or use your mobile phone a lot?

Today, we are literally awash in an invisible sea of radio waves and electromagnetic fields such as those created by mobile phone towers, power lines and satellite transmissions. These stress our body system and can lead to fatigue, low energy, insomnia or pain, especially headaches and sore eyes.

Our homes and offices are full of devices producing Electro Magnetic Radiation. Some, like the mobile phone, you may well be aware of. Others have become so familiar that we don't even consider their effects; TV's, cordless phones, electric blankets, fluorescent lights, microwave ovens, computers and wireless networking links are found in most homes and offices. Computers are probably one of the most invasive due to the amount of time we spend in front of them in close proximity.

To those can be added a plethora of small appliances that are becoming prevalent in our homes, especially those used by children; iPods, GameBoys, Wii, PlayStation, Xbox etc.

Many recent scientific studies indicate that excessive exposure to electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones can raise the risk of brain tumours, children being especially vulnerable. Brain cancer has now surpassed leukaemia as the number one cancer killer in children. 

Tri-Vortex products magnify the energetic potential in all living cells, allowing your body systems to work at peak efficiency, and help to protect you from the effects of electronic stress and electromagnetic radiation.

Protection From Electromagnetic Fields Mobile / Cordless Phones, Computers, Electrical Appliances etc
Phone Tags

These can be fixed onto mobile and cordless phones, computers, iPods, CD players, iPods, GameBoys etc. They offer the following benefits:



 Protect you against radiation from these devices

 Lower your sensitivity to electronic fields

 Increase your energy

 Give you greater comfort

 Improve your focus


While Tri-Vortex can reduce the dangers to you and your family the only certain way of avoiding illnesses brought upon by electromagnetic emissions is to avoid them altogether.

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